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July 2014
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WTC Minutes


Council meetings are normally  held at 7.00pm every 2nd Wednesday and 4th Monday of the month at The Council Chamber, Broad Street, Windermere, LA23 2AB

The draft minutes below are subject to final adjustment at Council meeting following originating date.

Dates of forthcoming Meetings

Monday 28th February 2011
Wednesday 9th March 2011
Monday 28th March 2011
Minutes 2011

Agenda 28 Feb 2011

Minutes 9 February 2011

Minutes 24th January 2011

Minutes 12 January 2011

Minutes 2010

Minutes 20th December 2010

Minutes 8th December 2010

Minutes of 22nd November 2010
Minutes 10th November 2010
Minutes 13th October 2010 Minutes 27th September

Minutes 8th September 2010

Minutes 9th August 2010

Minutes 26th July 2010

Minutes 14th July 2010

Minutes June 28th 2010

Minutes June 9th 2010

Minutes May 24th 2010

Minutes May 12th 2010

Minutes April 26th 2010

Town Assembly Minutes 2010


Minutes 14th April 2010

Minutes 22nd March 2010

Minutes 10th March 2010

Minutes 22nd February 2010

Minutes 10th February 2010

Minutes 25th January 2010

Minutes 13th January 2010



October November December
Minutes October 14thMinutes October 26th  Minutes November 11th Minutes November 23rd Minutes from December 21st 2009 Minutes December 9th
July August September
Minutes 08/07/09 Minutes 05/08/09Councillors August 2008 Minutes 28.09Minutes 02/09/09Minutes 16/09/2009
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Minutes 27/04/09Accounts 080409 Statutory Annual Meeting 2009 Accounts 22/06/09Minutes 22/06/09Minutes 10/06/09Minutes 01/06/09
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Minutes 14/01/09 Accounts 230209Minutes 23/02/09Minutes 11/02/09 Accounts 23/03/09Minutes 23/03/09Minutes 19/03/09


October November December
Minutes 27/10/08Minutes 08/10/08 Minutes 24/11/08Plans 12/11/08 Accounts 22/12/08Minutes 22/12/08Plans 22/12/08Minutes 10/12/08
July August September
Minutes 28/07/08Minutes 09/07/08 Minutes 06/08/08 Accounts 22/09/08Minutes 22/09/08Minutes 10/09/08Minutes 01/09/08Plans 01/09/08 Statutory Annual Meeting 2008Windermere Community Plan (Draft)Committee Representatives September 2008
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Plans 28/04/08Accounts 28/04/08Minutes 28/04/08Minutes 09/04/08 Accounts 28/05/08Minutes 28/05/08Plans 28/05/08Minutes 14/05/08Plans 14/05/08 Minutes 11/06/08Accounts 23/06/08Minutes 23/06/08Plans 23/06/08
January February March
Accounts 28/01/08Minutes 28/01/08Plans 28/01/08Minutes 09/01/08 Accounts 25/02/08Plans 25/02/08Minutes 13/02/08Plans 13/02/08 Minutes 19/03/08Plans 19/03/08


October November December
Minutes 22/10/07 Minutes 26/11/07Accounts 14/11/07Plans 14/11/07 Accounts 19/12/07Minutes 19/12/07Minutes 10/12/07Plans 10/12/07
July August September
April May June
January February March
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