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July 2014
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Consultancy and community support


Consultancy experience overview:


  • Recently appointed by Cheshire East Council to undertake Economic Assessment associated with the  Poynton Village Improvement Scheme.
  • Directly involved through our Town Centre Management delivery role in the consultation, development and evaluation stages of the Windermere Town Enhancement Programme, a £2m scheme
  • Delivery of ‘From Town to Train’ a Pedestrian Survey commissioned by the Lakes Line Community Rail Partnership to evaluate the quality of the street environment between Kendal railway station and the town. The Study identified issues from the viewpoint of people who use the public space, rather than those who manage it. The resulting document has been instrumental in informing proactive development of change within Kendal
  • Commissioned by Kendal Futures to undertake Pedestrian Survey and subsequent support work with the community to inform K Village, Kirkland & Kendal Connections. The study identified issues relating to the important opportunities available to improve pedestrian linkages between the redeveloped K Village and Kendal, via Kirkland. The study has been instrumental in informing regeneration investment in this area.
  • A pedestrian survey was also undertaken on behalf of the Kendal Parks and Oxenholme Residents’ Association to investigate conditions for pedestrians as they walk to and from their homes to the Asda Supermarket. The report, From Asda to Kendal Parks Road will help inform future change to the pedestrian environment in this area.
  • Development and delivery of bespoke ‘Revitalising Retail’ and ‘Shop Doctor’ business support and development programmes involving ‘one to one’ evaluation visits to businesses and identification of opportunities for regenerating retail vibrancy. Recent commissions include:
    • Eden District Council ( Appleby, Kirkby Stephen and Alston)
    • South Lakeland District Council ( Kendal and Ulverston)
    • Carlisle City Council ( Brampton, Longtown and Dalston)Delivery of specialised retail workshop activity and training presentations on behalf of:
    • Cheshire East Council (Let’s Talk Shop).
    • Eden District Council (Welcome Host for Retail)
  • Joint delivery with Main Marketing & PR Ltd, Marple Cheshire of their ‘Retail Survival’ courses commissioned by:
    • Flintshire County Council ( Mold, Queensferry, Connaghs Quay,  Flint)
    • Blaenau Gwent County Borough (Ebbw Vale, Abertillery, Tredegar)
  • Contracted by Carlisle City Council to chair, and thereby guide, the steering group developing the Brampton Economic Action Plan to ensure that the needs of the Brampton community as a whole were properly recognised within the wider context of the Carlisle Renaissance programme.

Understanding Communities 

SLDT also provides a range of support roles that help to reinforce the understanding of the wider needs of resident, business and visitor sectors in relation to the maintenance, development and enhancement of vibrant and economically active communities.

Recent community support work roles:

  • Contract from Carlisle City Council to undertake consultation with the business community of Longtown to ensure that business needs were properly identified and included within the development of an Economic Plan for Longtown.
  • Engagement with Windermere Town Council in the consultation processes required to identify, prioritise and take forward actions informing the compilation of the Windermere, Bowness and Troutbeck Bridge Community Plan.
  • Work for Kendal Futures specifically engaging with youth within the community. The aim of the commission was to identify attitudes and opinions of young people in Kendal to the design and use of public space.  The study Young people and Kendal’s public spaces is a discrete piece of work to reflect the opinion of local people in the 16-24 age bracket.
  • SLDT is driving the initiative to provide allotments for the community of Windermere. Over 80 members of the local community are represented by SLDT in this initiative which was developed as action identified in the Windermere Community Plan. Similar assistance is now being provided in Ambleside
  • Community liaison experience is further enhanced by the role of SLDT in compiling and publishing The Hub, the local community newsletter for the Windermere area delivered to over 5500 addresses across the parish. The publication provides an important interface with the community and is very well regarded.
  • SLDT provides independent Town Centre and Community Support Management for the immediate community encompassed within the Windermere and Lakes Parishes and is increasingly supporting other communities within South Lakeland who recognise the wealth of expertise available to help facilitate opportunities that might not otherwise be attainable.
  • A recently approved grant from RDPE in Cumbria will enable development of a Business Improvement District Feasibility Study for Windermere and Bowness specifically orientated to reflect the importance of the tourism economy across the area.
  • SLDT provides consultancy expertise on behalf of Plunkett Foundation to support the Making Local Food Work Initiative in Cumbria.
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